Test driving LXD


LXD is an OS container (unlike docker which is application level container) and provides a more complete OS user space environment. It is a improved version of LXC containers. It provides image management, live migration of container instances, OpenStack integration.

LXD is composed of two components the server daemon called ‘lxd’ while the client is called ‘lxc ‘


The latest version of LXD can be installed from the ppa repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-lxc/lxd-git-master
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lxd

Image repositories

You will need a LXC image to start your container. To get a container image you have to add a LXC image repository location

sudo lxc remote add images images.linuxcontainers.org –debug
sudo lxc remote list


Next you can import the LXC image

sudo lxd-images import lxc ubuntu trusty amd64 --alias ubuntu --alias Ubuntu
sudo lxc image list


Starting your Linux Container instance

sudo lxc launch ubuntu u1
sudo lxc list

sudo lxc exec u1 /bin/bash