Single A4 paper Phone stand in 5 mins

Here is a quick and simple mobile stand made from a single A4 paper(you will need a stapler too) in 5 mins

Step1: Start with  an A4 size paper


Step2: Fold half-way along length



Step3: Repeat again to reduce to quarter width by folding along the length



step4: Fold to make a triangle at one end


Step5: Fold to make a smaller triangle at other end


Step6: This is how the folded paper should look like at the end.



Step7: Staple as shown in the picture


Step8: The stand is ready

Some picture of the stand holding the phone.

DSC_0314.JPG_new DSC_0317.JPG_new DSC_0318.JPG_new




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Chandan Dutta Chowdhury

Software Engineer

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